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BitcoinDay Sioux Falls

Bitcoin—against all odds—continues to grow in adoption and number of use cases. It has never been a better time to begin learning about this game-changing technology. BitcoinDay Sioux Falls is a one-day conference dedicated to educating everyone on what Bitcoin means for individuals, communities, and economies.

Bitcoin’s many use cases are now apparent to the public sphere. Since last year, it became a public legal tender in El Salvador and was integrated into Twitter’s 200+ million daily users via Strike for tipping creators. ExxonMobil has begun mining it in North Dakota to slash its emissions.

Publicly traded companies—MicroStrategy, Tesla, and many others—have placed Bitcoin on their balance sheets. Likewise, in the financial sector, there are many Bitcoin ETFs awaiting approval, including Fidelity, NYDIG, Vaneck, and others. These would allow institutional investors to gain direct exposure to Bitcoin through existing traditional legacy vehicles.

BitcoinDay Sioux Falls is continuing the conversation of this revolutionary technology, a technology that is disrupting the monetary network of the entire world at an astonishing rate.

Our goal is to have a variety of speakers from around the community and the country who are leading the charge in disrupting their respective industries by leveraging Bitcoin’s open-source monetary network. No matter what industry you find yourself in, Bitcoin is finding a way to infiltrate and innovate.

Success for the event would mean that everybody in attendance leaves with a deeper understanding of Bitcoin cryptocurrency and why it is the clear winner in the crypto space. Some of the personas who will benefit from attending this conference:

  • A business owner interested in accepting Bitcoin for your company
  • An investor looking to diversify your portfolio or IRA
  • An entrepreneur looking to find unique streams of income through Bitcoin mining
  • A newbie learning how to acquire and securely store your digital currency
  • A programmer or IT consultant exploring Bitcoin solutions

Join hundreds of others at BitcoinDay Sioux Falls in exploring this disruptive technology through ​​interactive conversation and hands-on experience. Learn the cutting edge of wealth management, what commerce in the 21st century looks like, and why having a sound monetary network is crucial for rebuilding humanity in the most resilient way.

BitcoinDay is sponsored by Frontier Bank. Use promo code FRONTIER for $75 off tickets.

BitcoinDay Sioux Falls
May 21, 2022
Holiday Inn – City Centre
100 W 8th St, Sioux Falls, SD




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